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Discover new places! Immerse yourself in sensations that will give you the immensity and beauty of the Sahara.
VALLEY OURIKA Departure at 09:00 Return at 17:00
Ourika is famous for its fresh air and green gardens. This is probably the favorite place of marrakchis to spend the weekend and so flee the city atmosphere of Marrakech. We take you to show you around the mountains and built an adobe house bereber. Lush valley that rises gently to the foothills of the walls of the High Atlas where typical villages are anticipated. Visit the Berber market a pottery village where you will discover fresh sides of the Oued Ourika.
A 167 km from Marrakech, the site of cascades Ouzoud is one of the most beautiful attractions of Morocco and the most visited regions of Azilal vast successive rises over 100 m high, with a quality environment (moderate temperature, green valley, water mill, orchards ..). This is a dream destination or combine to offer you the best in the region of Azilal.
186 km from Marrakech this small fishing port is a fortified ancient city built on a rocky peninsula. Essaouira, formerly Mogador surprises by its isolation. The traveler who comes from Marrakech. The beauty, quality of light, the peculiar mildness of the climate, the picturesque town and harbor, a place of Essaouira "strong" present but not oppressive. or contributes to open the senses to the perception and poetic reverie.

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Discover new places, Excursions Marrakech ! Immerse yourself in sensations that will give you the immensity and beauty of the Sahara.
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